This feature first appeared in Official PlayStation Magazine. Get the latest PlayStation news on your doorstep early and for a better price! Subscribe to OPM here. Before you can even put a sword through an angry imp and tap into the demon-powered craziness, the game offers a detailed character customisation setup, which is new for this sequel. In particular, the game is locked at 60fps on both standard PS4 and PS4 Pro and uses a new HDR system absent from the original game — if you select the default Action mode.

Movie mode, by contrast, increases the visual fidelity but drops to 30fps. In the midst of the action it means we can see the tiniest details, from straw in the muddy floor to the worn wood of the huts and buildings that make up this early stage. The sun shining overhead is warm; it casts long shadows across the buildings and picks up the puddles and mounds of earth that make up the paths ahead. While the world itself can look static, the animation of the main hero and the cast of monstrosities that lie ahead is beautifully done.

The movement is elegant and the characters drip with personality as much as blood. But these are designed to be clear enough to see a strike forming, with tells easily gauged for a quick dodge. Like the original game, Nioh 2 is a little more complicated than your average soulsborne.

Switching stance between High, Mid, and Low styles during a duel by holding R1 and hitting Triangle, Square, or X can catch an enemy off-guard or exploit a weakness, but each technique has its pros and cons.

Sekiro VS Nameless King

Whether using large, oversized swords or the new dual-wielding hatchets, you can tell the devs furrowed their brows over the way the original got compared to Diablo and came up with far more ways to spill blood. Seeking out weapons and armour sets becomes a must. You can find new weapons in the world, either on the bodies of defeated enemies or in hidden chests that often require a certain Yokai level to open.

If that sounds too similar, then consider that with each block with a Blessed weapon fills your Ki meter — enabling you to perform a Ki Pulse after each block rather than an attack. This spins the Nioh combat system on its head. Now scuttling defensive players can be rewarded as each successful block earns Ki to then put into attacks. The second effect is Corrupted, which imbues your killing steel of choice with added damage bonuses, but also gives you the ability to hurl a projectile while landing a heavy attack.

In game we see our character somersault into the air and, mid-arc, throw a dagger before landing a devastating blow — all while the screen fills with blue, orange, and green lighting effects. It also has the bonus of enabling you to do more Ki damage to enemies, and fills the Yokai energy meter faster than normal — which is important because you can now harness Yokai energy to transform into crazy demons or unleash monstrous new attacks.

When you kill a yokai some may drop Soul Cores, and equipping these enables you to tap into demonic skills. Some will enable you to momentarily turn into the yokai the Soul Core was harvested from, while others will mean you can call on the yokai itself to aid you in a fight.

Is Nioh 2 Harder or Easier than Nioh 1?

Each Soul Core has its own stats and buffs, turning the yokai into a weird new meta-game. The Yokai system is similar to the elemental setup of the first game, with a meter beneath your health bar filling as you land hits, but instead of imbuing your sword with magical attacks you weaponise the demons themselves. It goes one step further.

Your character themself becomes the conduit of the Yokai energy.Nioh is an action RPG that was set in the latter half of the Sengoku era. Team Ninja is also refusing to give players an easy mode, in fear that it would ruin the atmosphere that they are trying to create for the prequel.

The game will feature a set level of difficulty but will have a vast number of ways for players to approach enemies. Team Ninja's goal is to have the players feel satisfied with combat. If they die, it should be due to a mistake versus the impossibility of the combat. The goal is to not necessarily make it easier, but rather allow for more diversity for the player against enemies.

The game will also feature a wider variety of enemies, unlike the first game where players got used to the enemies in each environment. Team Ninja ensures players that there will not be only one way to deal with each boss nor environment, but many to leave the players as satisfied with their experience as possible. Thanks To A Mod. Source: Eurogamer. She is a writer and podcaster and has been published in the Spring and Sumer editions of the Sartorial Geek Quarterly Magazine.

By Juliana Failde Feb 05, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Game News nioh 2.If Nioh was Team Ninja rediscovering its mojo, then the imminent sequel sees the prolific Shinjuku studio further refine its beloved art. This isn't a radical reinvention, nor a drastic evolution; rather it's a subtle retooling that presents a more aggressive, fantastical and diverse playground of miscreants to scythe through.

It's a mean, purposeful mutation of Nioh's original formula. What is it that Team Ninja does best? Hayashi has it down as an extension of Koei Tecmo's exploration of historical eras, as well as its mastery of combat. I'd whittle it down further still, and say Team Ninja's strong hand has typically been its hard-edged action that feels exquisitea taut elasticity to protagonists that boast incredible depth in their movesets.

Nioh 2 takes all that and strengthens it, all while expanding your moveset. After an hour playing through a short section pulled through the middle of the game, it's probably the most satisfying Team Ninja title I've played since Ninja Gaiden Black. Maybe that's because there's more of a sense of ownership over your character, and of whatever build you end up pursuing.

Nioh 2 is a prequel "When we worked on the first Nioh, we weren't really thinking about making a sequel at all," says Hayashi. After we finished with the first game, it was essential to look at the first half of the Sengoku era, which is the most popular period in Japanese history - it was way more chaotic"so the original game's lead William is absent. Instead you craft your own character via a reasonably powerful editor before setting off on the real work of fleshing out how they play.

Nioh 2 adds a new layer to the original's already flexible system. Stances return as does the ki meter - alongside Team Ninja's own ingenious way of bringing Gears of War's active reload system into their own discipline - and now they're complemented by an all-new Yokai Force gauge that allows you to call upon your Guardian Spirits in combat.

10 games just as brutally difficult as ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’

It's a refinement of the living weapon system of the original, slotting neatly into place with the existing systems and providing an extra layer to combat that was already praised for its depth. Perhaps more importantly this time out there's more ways to flex that combat system. In Nioh 2 new areas will have new enemies, and the placement will be more dense.

You might have already faced up against Maeda in Nioh 2's betas, all of which have helped direct development of the game. So we adjusted the difficulty based on that - if you make a move that's high risk and high return, if you die it should feel like it's your fault. It should feel right when you die. Which isn't to say that Nioh 2 is going to be a breeze.

It should be equally interesting for players who've played the first game as well as new Nioh players - we've added new weapons, yokai skills and there's a lot of freedom in building your own character.

We wanted to provide players with a higher level of satisfaction - that was our priority. It's an interesting topic, especially in light of the conversation around last year's Sekiro, a game whose steep learning curve had some players asking for an easy mode. That's not going to be an option in Nioh 2, although Team Ninja goes about smoothing some of the harsh edges in other ways.

There are so many various ways to approach things in your own way - one could be online co-op, that should make it more accessible. But it's about trying to find a way that works for you, and the difficulty you want - it's a samurai versus samurai game, so the tension needs to be there. It's all about the authenticity of the combat, so not this time - but I'm not against it. Here's hoping that the challenge presented by Nioh 2 isn't off-putting to some players, because as it stands it looks to continue Team Ninja's return to the front-lines of the action genre, with a smart consolidation and expansion of all that's been great and good about the developer's work in the past.

It's a mean, purposeful mutation of Nioh's original formula, and a fascinating mutation of Team Ninja's own formidable style. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission.Because of this, they utilize similar combat systems. Both focus on sword fighting, parrying, dodging, and overwhelming the enemy with fast moves. However, Ghost of Tsushima has a lot more tools and gadgets available for use compared to Sekiro.

In Ghost of Tsushima, you have your katana, a dagger, two separate bows, bombs, and distraction tools to defeat your enemy. Additionally, there are a variety of Stances that you can switch between that are tailored to specific enemy types and builds. You also have the option to use stealth over head on action to defeat enemies.

This makes combat a lot more diverse and dynamic. In Sekiro, you only really have your main weapon and your Shinobi Prosthetic at your disposal. Like the other FromSoftware games, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has heart-pumping and exhilarating combat that requires you to be on your toes. Both Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro have interesting boss fights that require you to be the best at combat to beat them. FromSoftware might as well be the king of boss designs at this point since these developers have come out with some fantastically designed bosses.

Due to this diversity, these bosses have their own unique fighting styles so nearly every boss encounter in Sekiro is different.

sekiro vs nioh 2 difficulty - of /index.php

You have to tailor your own skills and tools in the best way to take them out. A parry here and there more or less gets the job done. Not much happens dynamically here compared to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice where you end up fighting an angry man on a horse in a huge arena.

Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro are similar in the way they utilize leveling. You only have one set of weapons you can use and, because of that, leveling is restricted to those specific weapons and equipment. Both games also allow you to unlock specific stances and move sets that you can invest points in for further advancement.

Sekiro has a wide range of skills and upgrades that you can tailor to your specific playstyle. There are also Prayer Beads and Memories you can use to increase weapon damage and health points.

However, Ghost of Tsushima has a huge selection of leveling. Weapons, armor, and ammo capacity have a progressive linear path of upgrades that use materials you need to actively collect out in the world. Specific skills like Assassinations and Focused Hearing each have upgrades you can buy with Technique Points.

These points can also be used on Ghost Weapon upgrades and unlocks for the four Sword Stances. Add in the fact that there are also cosmetics like armor dyes, sword kits, horse saddles, and headbands, Ghost of Tsushima has a lot of customization compared to Sekiro.

Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro deviate a bit here when it comes to storytelling. You have to be an active participant when it comes to those games. Luckily, Sekiro makes it a lot easier this time around with a voiced protagonist. The story becomes a lot more understandable and meaningful especially when it comes to the boss fights that are effortlessly weaved into the plot.

It makes all of the work Sekiro puts in to protect him all the more meaningful. This game portrays a long journey of honor, loyalty, morality, emotions, and the horrors of war. Both games honestly have very intriguing stories that are supplemented by their respective gameplay and boss designs.

No one winner comes out at the top. Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro are similarly set in Feudal Japan. However, they both portray it a bit differently. The fictional world Sekiro is set in is also gorgeous with its Japanese architecture, temples, castles, and broken down buildings. While also portraying a war-torn Feudal Japan, Ghost of Tsushima supplements destroyed buildings, burned corpses, ad piles of dead bodies with a gorgeous and stunning scenery.

Fitting into Japanese culture, the island of Tsushima is portrayed so beautifully and gorgeously that every part of it can bring a tear to your eye.

sekiro vs nioh 2 difficulty - of /index.php

The wind blows leaves from trees, pushes through the grass, and flutters your cape. This game also utilizes very adaptive and dynamic lighting that reflects the glint of katanas and perfectly shines through trees.Just make sure to take a break every so often with a less punishing game, perhaps.

All work and no play, you know. Where to buy: Amazon. Bloodborne was the next step for the Dark Souls series, representing a fantastic evolution from game to game and tweaking concepts the Souls games introduced and elevating them even further.

The gloomy streets of Yharnam await you as you traverse a haunting, terrifying world rife with nightmarish monsters who want to tear you apart at all costs. If you devour the Souls series, you should absolutely try Bloodborne next.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin was an important next step for FromSoftware as it worked to enact meaningful changes in the game world it established in the first title. The final entry in the Dark Souls series takes elements peppered throughout the entirety of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II and makes for an inviting amalgam of tough but fair boss fights and a new Weapon Arts system that changes up combat significantly.

Hopefully FromSoftware decides to return to its roots with another entry in the future. It wraps up an engaging story in some particularly nerve-wracking boss fights, imaginative monster encounters, with stance-based combat that forces you to think on your feet. There are several levels to fight through, each with their own set of themed monsters and objectives, and it will repeatedly make your blood boil.

Nioh is a beast, but one that you should absolutely attempt to tame. This Metroidvania-styled side-scrolling RPG is expertly executed, and top to bottom a must-play for Sekiro fans. You take the form of a slime-like creature who take control of a corpse in a dungeon, and you must fight your way to the exit. Good luck with this one. This 2D action role-playing game looks a sight different from any of the FromSoftware titles on our list, or Sekiroin fact.

Hollow Knight is another Metroidvania title, because they do indeed seem to be some of the most frustrating out there. You follow a mysterious knight on a quest to unravel the secrets of the insect kingdom of Hallownest, faced with hostile bugs and all sorts of other creatures as the game rolls by. Titan Souls takes you to a world beyond Earth where the spiritual source of everything living on the planet resides.

Do I even have to tell you this game is hard based on the description? Where to buy: Steam. Do you like your games dark? Darker than that? Darkest, you say? Make sure to give it a try. By Brittany Vincent. Dark Souls: Remastered.Developer Team Ninja, the company behind Ninja Gaidendeserves credit for its latest Nioh installment.

Nioh 2 co-op can now be played with up to three players. Some headstrong players, however, will attempt the game alone. A solo run requires the mastery of skills and the exploitation of bosses' weaknesses. This Dark Souls -like game has surpassed our expectations, in part because of its dynamic boss fights.

This is Nioh 2 's bosses ranked from easiest to most difficult. This Yokai boss is weak against fire and purity, so be sure to stock up on the appropriate talismans and amulets. According to Tatarimokke's enemy description, "A Tatarimokke is formed when a large number of resentful spirits coalesce to form a giant owl.

We never could've guessed that a mission requires fighting a Yokai that has taken control of a massive castle. It's a difficult battle for people who don't look at a guide prior to fighting her. This encounter with Lady Osakabe is a fail-hard moment in Nioh 2. To defeat this boss, you must attack Lady Osakabe's white limbs when they near the edge of your platform.

She has many resistances, so elemental damage is not recommended. She can be one of the most intimidating bosses in Nioh 2 because of her size and speed. Kasha is like the combination of two Wheelmonks with more speed and damage potential. Her flaming wheels might deter some players from going in for a head-on attack, but you'll have to ignore every instinct and attack her wheels. Her wheels are a weak point, so summon the courage necessary.

According to Kamaitachi's enemy description, "A Kamaitachi is said to ride the wind, slashing at its victims with biting gales. Folktales about a yokai shrouded in wind are rife throughout Japan, with some regions using the word "Kamaitachi" to refer to whirlwinds themselves. Kamaitachi is a weasel Yokai who is difficult because of his speed and precise attacks.

You can use the trees as cover from his attacks, but other than that, it's a challenging fight. This boss has a difficulty rating of 5. If you've managed to master Nioh 2 's skills, stats, and have been offering items to the Kodamas, your level will be higher than the recommended.

For others, however, this can be an arduous battle. Otakemaru changes forms throughout the battle as he becomes Feral, Brute, or Phantom. He also shifts into a Yokai and summons four floating swords. Did you forget that Saika Magoichi was a boss in the first Nioh game?

He might be one of the coolest bosses in the history of Nioh, but oh boy, does he put up a painstaking fight. Saika Magoichi can fly and attack vehemently. The room isn't engulfed in flames like the first Nioh, so you can't use them to your advantage.

Nioh 2 won't be blunting its difficulty

Watch out for his rifle.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

sekiro vs nioh 2 difficulty - of /index.php

Global Achievements. Vhayne View Profile View Posts. I haven't played much of Sekiro yet, but I'm working on it. I just killed the first General took me about 12 deathsand just unlocked my first skill lol. I do love the traversal system. Jumping, Grappling, Hanging, Climbing, etc. The combat system is fun too, but pretty tough to get used to. Again, I'm working on it.

But I keep finding myself comparing my gameplay to my time spent playing Nioh. To me, Nioh in some ways, is better than even the DS games.

I said It's a new game and experience, so that makes it fun But as I play it, I just feel like I should be playing Nioh lol. Anyone else feeling similar? Showing 1 - 15 of comments. Efesell View Profile View Posts. Nioh just didn't hold up for the duration to me. It started very strong and then the bosses just got kinda lazy and the difficulty tanked. Rhyno View Profile View Posts. I agree. Enjoyed Nioh a lot more. Ascetics and gameplay. Could of used some more enemy types, but that's my only complaint.

In before "Sekiro isn't a souls game! Git gud!

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