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how to set up kindle paperwhite

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to power on and set up a Kindle Paperwhite for the first time. If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. Categories : Kindle Fire. Meet DonnaShe is a stormchaser, photojournalist, and foodie who is into cookie, eclectic crafts and pop culture.

I enjoy hiking, exploring old and haunted buildings, swimming and camping with my fireman spouse. Watching and making movies is my passion. Log In via Login Sign Up. Home Articles Community My Profile. Article Edit Discuss. Home Tech Hardware Kindle Fire. Video: Setup a New Kindle Paperwhite. To get started with, the very first thing we are going to need to do is press the Power button. Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help. Press and hold the Power button. Once powered on for the first time, it will take a moment to run through some screens and initial diagnostics, at which point we will be taken to the Main screen.

As we can see, we have now been taken to the language screen. Give the chosen language a single press. Now we will we see that a "Next" option has popped up at the bottom of the screen, press it once to take us to the next screen. At this point, the Kindle will begin to initialize soy luna 3 capitulo 1 completo hd set up information and data.

Now we are on the Main screen of the Kindle Paperwhite. Now we are going to tap "Get Started" one time. This is going to take us to the Main window.

The very first thing we will notice is that we have a clock, a battery indicator, a series of dots - which is our signal or WiFi indicator, and a menu option or an indicator telling us what is happening in the top bar. Now we are being told that in order to use the Kindle and buy books, we need to connect to a WiFi network and register our device.

If we do not connect to WiFi, there is no way to get past this screen. Once we have tapped "Connect to WiFi", a pop-up window will appear showing us the number of connections.The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the most feature-rich e-book readers available, and it makes it easier than ever before to take your favorite books on-the-go.

From checking the news to reading free booksthe Paperwhite has plenty of hidden extras. Did you know you can play games on your Kindle? Find a passage or image you want to share? Taking a screenshot with Paperwhite is easy. Put one index finger on one corner of the screen and your other index finger on the opposite corner.

Then, push the fingers towards each other. The screen will flash, indicating that the screenshot was successful. You can email the screenshot, post it to social media or treat it just like any other image file using your computer. If you tend to save articles online, and then end up never reading them, Pocket to Amazon Kindle may be the solution. This service delivers your articles to your Kindle on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or you can send them instantly.

All you have to do is go to the Pocket to Amazon Kindle website and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. You can load up your Paperwhite with free books by borrowing from your local library using the free site Overdrive. All you need is your library card. Just choose your library on the site and check out some books. Once you have books added to your Overdrive account, go to the book you want to read on the Checkouts page and then choose Read now with Kindle.

Otherwise, there are a number of ways to get hold of free books for reading on your Kindle. You can organize your ebooks much like you would your bookshelves at home with just a few taps.

How to Register Your Kindle Paperwhite

Tap the Menu icon on the top right-hand side of the Home screen. From there, check the box next to the books you want to add to your collection and tap Done to finish.

Then, download the ebook to your phone, then go to the downloaded file, hold your finger down on the file name until the share option comes up and choose Send to Kindle from the list. Your ebook will be sent to your Paperwhite through your Kindle account. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the ebook to arrive on your reader, so be patient.

How to get Dark Mode on a Kindle

The best Android apps July 9 hours ago. The best Mac apps for 1 day ago. The best iPhone apps July 3 days ago. The best Kindle Oasis cases and covers 5 days ago.

Apple AirPods Pro down to lowest-ever price — today only 4 days ago. The best car-sharing apps for 4 days ago. The best home design apps for Android and iOS 4 days ago.If no Wi-Fi network is in range, you can add a network later by tapping the x in the upper-right corner of the Wi-Fi Networks dialog box and then tapping Complete Kindle Setup Later. If you do not connect to a Wi-Fi network and you do not have a 3G Kindle Paperwhite, you will not be able to complete the registration process, the step after setting up Wi-Fi.

You can register your device manually. Still, if you have a Wi-Fi hotspot in your home or office, you probably want to go ahead and get it working, just for convenience.

Do you want to send documents to your Kindle Paperwhite 3G through e-mail? If you do so using 3G, Amazon will charge you a small fee. Documents transferred by e-mail using Wi-Fi are free. Another good reason to set up Wi-Fi! To set up Wi-Fi, you need to know whether the network is password-protected.

Home and office networks are usually password-protected. If Wi-Fi is not turned on, you will get a message asking if it should be turned on. Tap OK. If the network you want to connect to has a lock icon next to its name, you need to enter a password.

how to set up kindle paperwhite

If the network requires a password, enter it in the Wi-Fi Networks dialog box using the onscreen keyboard. Tap ABC to go back to the regular keyboard. When your Kindle Paperwhite is connected to Wi-Fi, a wireless indicator appears in the upper-right corner of the screen, next to the battery charge meter. You see this indicator on the Home screen and when you display the toolbar while reading an e-book. The arcs on the fan next to Wi-Fi indicate the strength of the Wi-Fi connection. The bars next to 3G indicate the strength of the 3G connection.

The 1X icon applies only to the Kindle Paperwhite 3G. As cellular networks become more widespread, you will rarely — if ever — see this icon.Did you just get a new Kindle Paperwhite?

A Comparison Guide There are four different Kindle e-readers available to buy for various kinds of users. But which Kindle device is right for you? Read More. Read on to discover everything you need to know about using your Kindle Paperwhite, including how to set it up, how to get the most out of it, and how to fix common issues.

Amazon assumes that buyers have an extra one sitting around since so many phones, tablets, and other devices use them. Plug in your Paperwhite and let the battery charge fully.

Tap your language and then give the Kindle another moment to load up. Here's everything you need to know about why E-Ink rocks for ebook lovers. Read More refreshing. Tap on the screen once you see the Kindle welcome message. Tap Connect to Wi-Fi and your Kindle should find your local network name. Here's how to change and locate your Wi-Fi password on a Windows computer. Connect to Amazon and Other Accounts. Now that your Kindle is online, you need to connect it with an Amazon account.

Assuming you have one, tap Use an existing Amazon account. Type your Amazon account email and password, then tap Register. Let's take a look at few of the services you can lock-down with better security. Read More on their Amazon accounts will see a prompt to enter their code after pressing Register. Then tap Continue setup.

The Paperwhite will next ask you to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Amazon account. This lets you share wishlists, reviews, and more. It's a full-blown social networking site that has several awesome features that are often overlooked, even by regular users. Read More and want to read. It lets you connect with friends and offers personal recommendations once it knows a bit about your preference.

Here's why. Tap No thanks to pass for now. OK — no more connecting accounts!However, if you bought the Kindle Paperwhite from a store such as Target, Staples, or Best Buy or received it as a gift, you need to register it. Enter your Amazon account e-mail and password. Tap Submit.

Enter your full name, your e-mail address, and a password. Confirm the password and then tap Create Account. You need to set up a payment method for your account to purchase from the Kindle Store. The payment method can be a credit card or a gift card purchased from Amazon. You can do both activities later. You can now buy books and other content from Amazon and have them delivered wirelessly to your Kindle Paperwhite.

After the registration process is complete a short tutorial will begin, showing you the basics of navigating the touchscreen.

Any content you have purchased will also be displayed. If you ever need to de-register and then re-register your device, the following steps will guide you through the process. When you tap Registration, if your Kindle Paperwhite is already registered, you will see a warning that you are about to deregister your Kindle Paperwhite. Tap Cancel to stop this process.

Enter your Amazon login credentials your account e-mail and passwordand tap Submit. How to Register Your Kindle Paperwhite.The Kindle Paperwhite is the latest version of e-book readers from Amazon, and it replaces the previous generation of the Kindle Touch e-book readers.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Unboxing + Setup! 💙

It has a 6-ince, ppi display, which has multi-touch enabled, and a built-in light with better resolution. In this article, we will guide you through the initial setup of your Kindle Paperwhite device. You also get a warranty card with this set of documents.

When you turn on your Kindle Paperwhite, the first screen that you see tells you a bit more about the display — high contrast, high resolution, built-in light, and of course the battery life. You may want to select or change the language in which you wish to use your Kindle. By default, this is set to English.

how to set up kindle paperwhite

This can be changed from the Settings screen, which is accessible through the Menu icon on the Home Screen. The Kindle Paperwhite has a touchscreen interface, which allows you to select options by simply tapping them.

Other tasks require you to swipe your finger across the screen. This is especially useful when you want to turn over a page while reading a book.

The onscreen keyboard automatically appears when you see a screen that requires typed-input. It is easy to use and works similar to an actual computer keyboard. When you tap the top of the screen on the Kindle, you see the toolbar which features buttons and shortcuts that help you navigate through your device.

These include the Home button, the Menu button, and the Search button, in addition to many others. On the Home Screen, you can see indicators that inform you about the status of your Kindle Paperwhite. Next, the Kindle Paperwhite asks you to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

This is discussed in the following section. Setting up internet connectivity on your Kindle Paperwhite is a fairly easy and quick process. From the Home screen, tap the Menu button and select Settings. Tap this option to view a list of available networks, and select from them the one you wish to use.

If you see a lock next to the name of a Wi-Fi network, it means that it is password-protected, and you will need to enter a password in order to be able to access it.What is Kindle Collection?

Kindle Collections are a classification of the folders on the kindle device which help you organize kindle contents. If you have lots of eBooks on your Kindle library, you should create collections to manage your ebooks in good order. In this article I will introduce 6 methods to help manage kindle collections. InAmazon has added a new function of creating and managing collections for Kindle books in the Cloud which is very convenient for users.

Now you can create and manage your kindle books at " Manage Your Content and Devices ". Then click " Your Content ", and choose " Collections " at the dropdown list. Then you will see " Create new collection " button and just click it.

A new window will pop up. You just have to enter the name of this collection. Now a new collection has been created so easily.

How to setup an Amazon Kindle for children: Fire for Kids and FreeTime explained

Step 2 Add your books to the newly created collection. Click on the button before the book title and choose " Add to collections ". Then a dialog box will pop up which allows you to select already existed collections or create new collection. You can even select more than one collection to add this book. When all these have been done, you just need to open your kindle device and choose " Sync and Check for Items " at the menu.

Then all created collections will be shown in the Cloud library. Note: Amazon only allows you to manage the books that you have already purchased from Amazon store. Create and name your collection by date, author name, subject and so on. Press and hold the cover of ebook. Select " Add to Collection " from the poppingd-up box. Then check the box next to the new collection where you want the book to appear.

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