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All products we distribute are tested by 3rd parties to confirm and maintain full accuracy and consistency of all quality control measures. Federal law, in particular, 7 U. According to 7 U. As shown by the enclosed Certificate of Analysis on this page, this hemp flower has a Delta-9 THC level on a dry weight basis below the 0.

Berkshire CBD Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower Review

The products listed on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Remedy Oil, LLC always suggests that you consult with your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before starting a new botanical extract, medicinal herb, or dietary supplement program.

If you choose to smoke CBD flowers, please be advised that you do so at your own risk; any form of smoke inhalation may be harmful to your health.

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Hempzilla Connoisseur Select products sourced only top-shelf, artisan hemp flowers, grown organically in Oregon, using no pesticides. They choose single-strain flowers for their exquisite aromas, flavors, and effects. The Hempzilla slow-curing method brings out complex, yet subtle, flavor profiles of the myriad of oils and terpenes within. Appearance: Lime and teal coloring with a touch of purple.

Plenty of shiny trichomes. Consult your healthcare provider before taking if you are pregnant or nursing, or have any other medical concerns.

CBD works on the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a network of neurons and synapses throughout your body and brain. These emit and respond well to cannabinoids — a chemical that the hemp plant produces and, a chemical our own bodies produce!

CBD works because the cannabinoids it contains bind with the endocannabinoid system CB1 and CB2 receptors to create a fully functioning network of neurons in your body. Hemp and CBD are both considered safe and should not produce any adverse side effects in most people. However, everyone processes CBD and other dietary supplements differently, and it is always recommended to consult with a physician before adding any supplement to your diet.

Compounds in grapefruit inhibit the same enzyme group, which is why physicians advise patients not to eat grapefruit shortly before or after taking a medication. We always suggest checking with your physician.

If the product contains only CBD and has had the THC removed, then an individual being tested would not be expected to test positive for marijuana or marijuana metabolite. Terpenes are essential oils found in plants.

There are around terpenes in cannabis. They are what give cannabis its distinct aroma and flavor. Terpenes have beneficial effects and work synergistically with cannabinoids like CBD — this relationship is called the entourage effect.

THC is a binding molecule which is why people often think it is needed for CBD to be effective, however, there are several cannabinoids, Terpenes and essential oils that we use that will create all of the binding needed for the CBD to be effective at its highest potential.

CBD oil is a medicinal product. Hemp oil is a food product made from pressed hemp seeds. Hemp oil is a highly nutritious food product which contains no CBD. CBD oil is best stored in a dark, cool place. The oil is suitable for daily use, so it is easiest to reach if placed in an easily accessible place.

Most people simply place the oil in their fridge. Strain: Hawaiian Haze Appearance: Lime and teal coloring with a touch of purple.

Aroma: Subtle tropical flavor with undertones of pine and sour hay. Taste: Smooth, discreet taste of tropical flower and pine. Citrus finish.

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hawaiian haze cbd flower

Calculated from 5 products tested with lab partners. Hawaiian Haze is a mostly sativa strain that produces some high-quality sativa effects. Many users also report that it makes them sociable and talkative, so it may be a good daytime medication. These plants grow tall and flower slowly, taking between 12 and 14 weeks, so they are probably better suited for a grower with some experience and patience.

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Home Strains Hawaiian Haze. Slide 1 of 2. Check out photos people have shared with us photos. Calming Energizing. Hawaiian Haze. This info is sourced from our readers and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition. Strain spotlight. Reviews Received a half zip of this along with some Tahoe OG. The comparison is mind blowing; opening the Tahoe, and then the Hawaiian Haze.

Appearance is exactly like that of the picture, an earthy mel This strain is absolutely amazing. Not only does it taste great, but it hits pretty smooth too.

Also, you don't need to smoke a lot to get high. I bought a quarter and normally that would last me a day, but I only had half a gram of it and I was flying. I highly recommend this strain to anyone withHaze strains are famous for their long-lasting sativa-esque effect, giving its users loads of energy without any of the couchlock.

Haze strains are known worldwide for their potent mind effects with accompanying energy and the Hawaiian here fits that bill perfectly. Tightly packed, covered in trichromes, and at such a low price, HH Untrimmed is meant to be bought in bulk without any sacrifice to quality other than maybe some additional stems and leaves.

This is a great option for those looking to make their own extracts, for those crafting their own oils, or just to have a hefty stash stored away. If venturing out, Hawaiian Haze makes for a great social strain due to its energetic and talkative nature.

Batch JAW. Appearance Mostly light green leaves with clusters of deep emeralds and browns. Still extremely trichrome-heavy, this untrimmed version will have some additional stems and leaves. Taste Vaporize for taste. Vaporizing leads to flavors of lime, hay, with a slight undertone of roses. Effects Three words: energetic cerebral euphoria.

Honoring its genetics, Hawaiian Haze is a sativa-dominant strain and those sativa effects are very evident. It lays it on heavy, and quickly, too. That little tinge that something is different starts in the back of the skull, permeates throughout, and stays there, while slowly creeping into the body ever so slightly. Hawaiian Haze Untrimmed CBD Flower is a great social bud as the energy manifests into a talkative and happy mood; it makes you feel like you could talk to anyone about anything.

Terpene Profile alpha-Bisabolol. Pesticides No pesticides detected. Check out the attached safety pesticide lab reports. Microbials Dr. Ganja Hawaiian Haze Untrimmed CBD Flower was tested for microbial impurities and yielded immaculate results, no microbial activity of any kind.

Mycotoxins Dr. Heavy Metals Dr. There is no smell or odor. Ganja is shipped quickly and discreetly. Wondering if we can ship to you?

Ganja Customer verified owner — April 3, First time I bought this flavor, I am led it as one of my favorites. No seeds and great effect. What a disappointment. Ganja Customer verified owner — March 23, This small batch of botanical aloha that we currently have to offer has that exotic tropical aroma and taste we all love.

The best cannabis starts with the best genetics and all seed is not created equal. These incredible flowers were grown out by us under controlled conditions at our indoor production facility.

For the ultimate in quality hemp flower - look no further. On our regenerative micro-farm we grow both indoors and out. All of our flower is grown without the use of any toxic pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers. Our commitment to best practices allows us to produce the highest quality hemp in a sustainable manner while restoring habitat for species, supporting the soil food web and providing bioremediation of atmospheric CO2.

Our indoor production rooms feature extra touches like the very best zero-VOC paint on the walls, imaculate cleanliness, state of the art efficiency and equipment. The cultivation methods we have developed over 3 decades allow our produce to compete with the best of the best. By chance he met and started learning the craft from true OG growers who moved from Northern California in the early 80's to a picturesque town located near the Canadian border which was home for many years.

Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower – Indica Strains Trendy For Relaxing Effects

During this time Rocky risked mandatory minimum jail sentences to hone his sun-grown skills deep in the mountains all while carrying water and staying concealed from helicopter surveillance.

In he and Jyl moved to Oregon and became licensed indoor medical growers which eventually led us to hemp cultivation. Rest assured that when you order from us you are receiving hemp flower grown with much experience, dedication, love and of course hardwork. When we speak of processing what we are referring to is the post-harvest activities which include: the curing, aging, trimming and packaging of our produce.

Any knowlegeable grower knows that what happens after the plants are cut down is equally as important as any other step during cultivation. You can be confident that our extensive experience informs us as we participate in these activities. Our flower is slow-dried at specific temperature and relative humidity to retain freshness as well as all the beneficial compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids the plant contains.

During curing we use oxidization and our own senses of smell, sight and touch to ensure that the buds release unwanted chlorophyll and xanthophyll yet retain proper moisture levels. After the curing is complete we seal our flowers safely away from oxygen allowing all the flavor and smoothness to come together for a unique user experience.

All of our trimming is done by hand. Many farms these days in fact use machines to do the majority of trim work on their flowers. They then finish up by hand and then claim they are providing "hand-trimmed" product. Caveat Emptor! We believe in people, not machines, and their artistic ability to craft top-shelf nugs for the end-user to experience and enjoy. Chem History also does the pre-harvest testing for our farm samples to ensure they all fall below the legal THC threshold according to federal and state guidelines.

Our stated intention is to grow real medicine which is pure, potent and of the highest possible quality. While it may at first seem that the best way to shop for hemp flower is to purchase the strain s with the highest number for a given category such as CBD or Terpenes.

In other words, just because a strain has the highest percentage of CBD does not mean that it will always have the best effect.Hawaiian Haze CBD is a bit of a mystery. Like the marijuana version of this genetic, Hawaiian Haze CBD has pronounced tropical flavors and powerful effects. Its smell has a hint of pine and pepper. Terpenes like myrcene and alpha-pinene are thought to add unique aromas, flavors, and benefits. Hawaiian Haze CBD buds are airy and vibrant green with streaks of bright orange pistils.

However, individual effects may vary. Please take care in handling hemp flower products with this in mind. This strain is really great! It smells amazing, smoked smooth and is super sticky!! This is my second order from this company and I will definitely continue purchasing products from them.

Thanks Plain Jane. Not a bad smoke. Would recommend smoking in bowl. Very sticky so if you roll it, dont expect to be able to smoke last half very well.

Good though. Smell and taste is great! One of my new favorites effects are good my only mistake was not buying an oz. Haze or Electra or Lifter all good and fresh! If you have doubts pick up the phone and call these guys Or better yet email them. I did both. Evan wrote me back matter fact so did Lindsay So anyways, my point is great customer service fast shipping superb top notch.

I have very high standards. So Order up order everything trust me. Received mine in the jar an man was it worth it. Opened up to some fluffy sticky trichomes all over funk! You save.

hawaiian haze cbd flower

Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required.Many strains have exotic names, while others have an exquisite taste. Then there are those who have both this is the case of Hawaiian Haze. Hawaiian haze plants which features a light green buds are narrow and cylindrical, airy and dense with good trichome coverage. The long orange curls, combined with elegant and fine leaves, make the plant an unforgettable sight.

Hawaiian Haze is a strain of cannabis sativa that takes its name from the parent strain and emits a scent reminiscent of tropical fruits and flowers especially pineapple. Some people notice shadows of pine or wood. The harvestable heads are light blue-green with amber stamps and a thin layer of crystal trichomes. It can be taken day or night as it does not make you sleepy. Concentration will improve, though this may not be what you expected. However, Hawaiian Haze can make a bad day look better if you stick to the limit of tolerance.

Hawaiian Haze Greenhouse

The bright tones of this plant are even brighter by the adhesive resin. The aroma and taste are similar to those of the Southeast Asian variety Haze, although they remain only slightly flowery. The leaves are elegant and fine and the buds are small and airy creating a euphoric mood and positively affecting the clarity of your thoughts. Hawaiian Haze has inherited the typical Haze variety.

hawaiian haze cbd flower

Seedlings should be bred from the beginning under 12 over 12 light conditions to control the height in an indoor garden. With a flowering time of more than 13 weeks, this plant should not be tried outdoors without benefiting from a long season of equatorial growth.

Hawaiian Haze – CBD Flowers – 23.9% CBD, Under 0.3% THC

Although the yield of Hawaiian Haze is satisfactory, it is unlikely ideal for commercial production, making it a more suitable plant for the gardening connoisseur than commercial production. This Hawaiian haze is a stunning product. The flowers are not the densest, but they have a beautiful shape with many beautiful shades of green, from lime to forest.

Hawaiian Haze is made by crossing a Hawaiian unknown Indica strain Haze. It is mainly a sativa variety, the variety produces incredible buds for healing. These light and airy heads are a mix of Hawaiian and Haze genes. Many users also report that it makes them sociable and talkative, making it a good medicine for the day. The floral fragrance and the taste of tropical fruits of Hawaiian Haze let you dream high of yourself with great imagination.

Hawaiian Haze is known for its thin leaves and light green color. Often you can also see thin strips of oranges wrapped around a piece of this variety.

Once users have Hawaiian Haze in their hands, they often describe it as extremely light and delicate. Hawaiian Haze is also not the densest strain variety on the market.

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