bafang error 12

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Bafang BBS01 error 7. Thread starter kjetilhk Start date Mar 5, May 25, 13 0 plus. In recent weeks, my BBS01 has displayed "error 7" when I start the engine in the morning.

After a few seconds, the message disappears and the bike works normally. It also happened that I had to ride a few hundred meters before the engine started. Is this a battery or an engine problem? Could this be related to the subzero temperatures? May 15, 7, 2, Error codes: 04 Throttle no homing 05 Throttle abnormality 06 Low voltage protection 07 Over voltage protection 08 Hall sensor abnormality 09 Phase line abnormality 10 Controller overheat 11 Temperature sensor in controller abnormality 12 Current sensor abnormality 21 Speed sensor abnormality 22 Communication abnormality in BMS the LCD says that voltage of your battery is too high.

You may have programmed the LCD with the wrong voltage?I have no idea how I got this much mud inside the drive unit. Almost anyone with very little technical know how can order a drive kit and 48vv battery pack and have it installed and running on almost any bike with hours of work.

The problems arise when things suddenly stop working. This leaves most BBS02 owners with the difficult task of troubleshooting and fixing their own technical problems. Want to figure out all your problems? Buy 2 identical drive units from the get-go. As with any technical problem the first thing you have to do is break the problem down into a series of steps.

My advice when you buy a BBS02 drive unit is to buy two instead. They are relatively cheap and that will give you a bike you can ride with your significant other or friends with. You could also create a commuter bike and a trail riding bike. I am the proud owner of no less than 8 drive units mounted on different bikes and at least one of them is always broken at any given time. Having more than one drive unit is a great way to swap parts around and find out exactly what is wrong. When you start troubleshooting the BBS02 the first thing you need to figure out is the problem with the battery or with the drive unit.

A messed up pack or a pack with poor electrical connections can often read full voltage with a normal voltage meter but as soon as there is any load on it the voltage can drop precipitously. With a watt meter in line between the drive unit and the battery it becomes immediately obvious if the problem is with the drive unit or with the battery. If the watt meter shuts off then that means the BMS on the battery is cutting out and the problem is on the battery side.

You can buy a Amp watt meter from lunacycle. If your connector looks like this it might be time for a replacement. The higher your voltage is the worse the problem seems to get. A visual inspection of the connector should show if arcing has damaged the contact points. If the plastic connector has started to melt or the contact is black and damaged then replacing the connector is recommended.

Put the female plug on the battery side to minimize shorting risks. If the ebrake sensor is busted or accidentally active then the drive unit will not do anything when it is on and the display is active and you will think it is a dead controller. Unplug the connectors for both ebrakes and the Giant Green Button if you have one before testing anything else. Are you lucky enough to have thrown a code? I never am. There is a infinitesimally small chance that you are lucky enough to have a code display on your BBS02 display.

Not getting pedal assist power, and intermittent throttle response

The most common of these codes is the 21 code which shows a problem with the speedo. I use a small piece of gorilla tape wrapped around the spoke and then locktite the magnet sensor down to the spoke as hard as I can. If you get an error 30 code you probably have a bad C display. Swapping out the controller or cable is not going to help, talk to the vendor you bought the BBSHD from and get a replacement display. The best course of action on fatbikes is to twist the speedo up or down out-of-the-way then remove the tire for service and then twist the speedo back after the tire is remounted.

You should have about 5mm of clearance between the magnet and the speedo crosshairs area. The connector can be broken but still look fine from a cursory inspection. The BBS02 W controller, historically the weakest link in the drive unit.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not getting pedal assist power, and intermittent throttle response. Thread starter CorbtheBorg Start date Aug 7, CorbtheBorg New Member.

bafang error 12

Just like the title says, having no power via pedal assist when riding. Throttle works intermittently. Anyone have this problem? I checked all wires and connections.


Magnet is on the spoke in proper position. Getting speed reading from the display when wheel is turning. Kinda stuck and not sure what to do. Last edited: Aug 8, Ann M.

bafang error 12

Well-Known Member. CorbtheBorg ; something happened when you uploaded the images and they do not display properly. I've deleted the old attachments so you can try again. Please make one image full size and the others, select Thumb.

All thumbs will view at full size when clicked on. Without seeing your images I can't say for sure that there's not an issue with the PTS sensor; occasionally they are faulty or not aligned closely enough. Combined with the throttle issue this is most likely a faulty controller; however, I do suggest that you check that all of the connectors are snugly fitted to the controller. With the bike in a stand or carefully turned upside down use a small box or block shoved under the stem to keep the handlebars off the ground turn the bike on and wiggle wires gently while turning the cranks or using the throttle.

This may indicate that their's a wiring harness problem which could still be associated with a faulty controller. A couple of other questions: Is this a new bike? If so, contact Biktrix immediately for warranty help. How long have these issues been going on? Was it a sudden start to the problem or gradual? Or riding one or more times during heavy rain? All of these will help diagnose what's happening with your bike and I know it's a bummer to not have your ebike running right! Thank you for you help Ann.

It appears to be in place.For more ideas and solutions take a moment and Google your issue. Proper nomenclature helps! There are many great posts and best of all YouTube videos covering most issues with how to repair and diagnose. Google is your best friend.

All in a days work for the DIY hobbies, and probably the best way forward to learn and consider all the options. You may find many ideas of interest. Error 04 Throttle no homing ; Unplug the throttle, if the error goes away, replace!

A pinched or damaged wire could be the culprit too. Error 07 Over voltage protection ; Make sure you are using a 48V or 52V battery. This motor does not function on a 36V pack. Error 08 Hall sensor ; Sometimes error 8 shows with a grinding noise. Look over the motor plug to make see it is connected properly, unplug and replug. It could happen if the motor has been unplugged. Make sure that the plug pins are not bent. Open the controller and unplug the white connector going to the motor, check if all the pins are there and straight, then plug it back fully and seal it back with silicone.

Known Issues & Problems with Bafang Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

Look for videos on YouTube there are many helpful from various resellers. Error 09 Phase line abnormality ; Broken wire or circuit, Check wiring loom for breakages. Error 10 Controller overheat ; The temperature sensor in the controller is likely triggered, let is cool a bit. Occasionally it shows up and I have no explanation. Error 11 Temperature sensor in controller abnormality; Same as Error 10, Mystery usually self corrects.

Error 12 Current sensor abnormality ; Possible bad controller. Error 21 — Speed sensor error. Your speed sensor may be broke A good part to keep in you spares kit, likely replace. You could have a loose connection, not threaded in all the way. Red light comes on when the magnet is closest and passing the sensor only. Error 15H — Speed sensor error for the c display; See Error Check for bent pins and crushed wiring harness.

Unplug all devices check all pins and plug them all back in, being certain they are fully inserted. Your email address will not be published. Posted on January 26, Industry NewsSupport. Still have questions or concerns?Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only.

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Ann M. Start date Apr 19, Ann M. Well-Known Member. No ebike is perfect, this is a thread dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with electric motors from Bafang as well as any help and solutions you know of.

Sometimes that means a DIY fix and other times it can mean a recall, software update or part replacement by a dealer. Please be respectful and constructive with feedback, this is not a space for hate speech. In many cases, representatives from the company will see feedback and use it to improve their product. In the end, the goal is to enjoy riding and help each other go further and be safer. Dana B New Member. I'm a newbie in these forums so hopefully I am posting in the right place!

The issue that I am having is with the battery though, which I believe is an 48 Volt LG 16 amp hour lithium ion battery. I have only been able to take that bike on 3 long rides. On each ride, the battery level never goes below full but the battery completely 'konks' out when I hit the 14km to 16km mark on the bike. Then, when I charge the battery, it only charges for an hour and then shows as full. I am charging it off the bike. It feels like I am only getting use out of the top end of the battery and nothing else.

Could this be an issue with the settings on the controller or the computer on the bike?? Does anyone have any feedback on this??The braking system has been applied.

Check whether a brake cable is stuck. The throttle has not returned home Check whether the throttle has returned home. Throttle fault Check the throttle. Low voltage protection Check the battery voltage. Overvoltage protection Check the battery voltage.

Motor hall signal cable fault Check the motor module. Motor phase cable fault Check the motor module. Controller temperature sensor failure Check the controller. Current sensor failure Check the controller. Battery temperature fault Check the battery. External speed-detecting sensor fault Check the installation position of the external speed-detecting sensor. BMS communication failure Replace the battery. Communication failure Check the controller connectors.

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bafang error 12

Quick Links. Suzhou Bafang Electric Motor. Read carefully before use. Keep for later. Table of Contents. UART Manual 16 pages.

Please adhere to the exact recommended torque when and pointers, providing important information tightening this connection. The correct about your new pedelec and how to use it, mounting torque is either displayed on the referring to possible damage to property and the component.

Page 4: For Your Safety If the pedelec starts damage the chain and serious injury may result. Page 6: Display dp C UART 1. The e-bike enters the walk When the battery status is normal, a certain number of the battery LCD segments as well as the border light up Press for 2 seconds.

The gures indicate the minutes that it takes to automatically shut down The MAX-C display can show e-bike faults. When a fault is detected, the icon will be displayed. If you do not use your Pedelec for an extended If the battery of your Pedelec is equipped with an period of time, remove the battery, charge it Make sure that the pedals of your Pedelec are This manual is also suitable for: Bt c Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

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